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How to carry Mother Hen Products?
To become a retailer that stocks Mother Hen Products, all that is required is for you to contact Head Office on (03) 9526 0007 and apply for an application for credit. This form will be used to access your businesses suitability to carry Mother Hen Products.

Do you sell to the public?
No! Mother Hen is a wholesaler and does not deal directly with the public. Mother Hen Products will always seek to identify the nearest stockist to you.

Are your products safe?
All Mother Hen Products are manufactured with your child’s health and safety in mind. All products carry the necessary safety requirements.

Who designs your products and where are they made?
The majority of Mother Hen Products are designed by Mother Hen here in Australia and are manufactured in China.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
Mother Hen Products has a minimum order quantity of $300 per order. This is not limited to a minimum per product but more a minimum dollar spend. The intention is that we would like to encourage our customers t try as much of our extensive range as possible.

What are your terms of trade?
The first transaction is always Pro Forma followed by a completion of a Credit Application form. Once your companies details have been verified you will be entitled to run a 30 day settlement period.

Do you hold stock?
Yes! We hold a significant portion of stock in order to be able to be a reliable and constant supply for our retailers.

How does your freight charge work?
Our customers have three options in relation to freight. These are as follows:
1. Our customers may have an account with a preferred courier company and we are more than happy to arrange collection using your account details.
2. We will arrange the most efficient method of delivery and will add this delivery charge at face value to your invoice.

(For answers to any other questions you may have please feel free to email us any question and we will endeavour to return to you with an answer within 24 hours).